Today we talk about the model, which is on the market of used cars and even in a number of used cars Seat, is in great demand among buyers. It's about used cars Seat Leon.

First model was introduced in 1999.

In 2000 sports modified model named Cupra with a V6 was produced.
In 2003 the civil version sports modified Cupra R capacity of 225 hp came.
Since 2005, the model was replaced by the next generation Seat Leon.

But the previous generation was sold at the market of used cars.

As any sports car with the bias, interior design reflects the temperament of the model. Red lights dashboard only adds aggressiveness. The main cabin is made of quality materials. Noise and exhaust system in used cars Seat Leon are made so that the owner will enjoy the active driving. There is one minus - the sloping rear window is not visible to the extreme size autos.

You can find used cars Seat Leon with a several sports modifications: Top Sport (2000-2003 in the city.), FR (2004-2005 in the city.) and the Cupra R. The first two are civil autos, equipped with a motor 1,8 l T/180 hp. The latest versions of used cars Seat Leon FR are staffed richer - there are mirrors, climate control, rain sensor, interior mirror - with a washer, and the outer fold. But the cherished dream of fans of used cars Seat is a Cupra R. It is equipped with highly accelerated 1.8 T engine, which first developed 210 hp, and since 2003 - 225 hp (6,9 to 100 km / h). The second version of the unit was modified FR atmospheric 2,8 l/204 hp. Leon FR is different from the other modifications of the front bumper with huge air intakes, 18-inch wheels, more powerful Brembo brakes and sport seats.

As noted by used car dealer the most hassle-free and affordable unit among the used cars Seat Leon - is a 1,6 l 8V.

Diesels like all used cars Seat should also be operated actively and not switched to low speed. Otherwise, used cars can be damaged. Persistent low-speed motor also leads to the formation of carbon deposits on valves, the loss of tightness and burning. This is true for all diesels in used cars.

Lath steering with used cars Seat Leon for large runs of more than 150 thousand km can bring trouble. There can be a leak of stuffing strips. However, it is maintainable.