Used cars Skoda Octavia gained popularity among used cars due to its spaciousness, ease of use and practicality. At used car dealer, this model can be found at a very attractive price.

The used cars Skoda Octavia was introduced in 1996, and already in 1998 it began to put the engine size 1.8 with the turbine.

In 1999 at such popular used cars the body as a wagon was added.

2004 model on the assembly line has replaced the next generation.

Used cars Skoda Octavia - a successful model. This confirms the large number of such vehicles sold by used car dealer. The secret of this beautiful used car - high quality, time-tested design, borrowed from the VW, practical and spacious trunk. If you want to find used cars with low maintenance cost, then used cars Skoda Octavia is for you. A significant shortcoming is a little gallery.

When choosing used cars Skoda Octavia, beware - this model is often bought from all sorts of organizations, and such autos have a very high mileage. The drivers use cars not too accurately.

For used cars Skoda Octavia have six engines: four petrol and two diesel. They are arranged transversely and drive the front wheels. Two petrol engine volume of 1.4 liters (75 hp.) and 1.6 liters (102 hp.) And 1,9-liter turbodiesel TDI (105 hp..). There are also two VW gasoline engine with FSI volume of 1.6 liters (116 hp..) And 2.0 liters (150 hp..) And one turbodiesel TDI volume of 2.0 liters and 140 hp.

Depending on the engine used cars Skoda Octavia have 5 - or 6-speed manual transmission. And as an option you can order a 6-speed "automatic" or DSG.

All used cars Skoda Octavia are equipped with OBD EOBD (European On Board Diagnostics). The principle of operation is based on an analysis of the exhaust gases. If the content of hazardous substances is exceeding permissible limits on the instrument panel, it makes it easier to diagnose on the SRT.

Used cars have independent suspension: front struts with McPherson, rear, semi-dependent. Power steering with used cars Skoda Octavia is configured for any operating conditions, and it changes the force on the steering wheel depending on speed.

Octavia is available in three versions: Classic, Ambiente and Elegance. In the basic kit includes Classic two front and two side airbags, ABS, Brake Assist, disc brakes all wheels, central locking, three-point seat belts for all five seating positions, driver seat with height adjustment, steering wheel, the length is changed. Passenger airbag can be disabled. List of additional equipment is also impressive: xenon headlights, navigation system, ESP ... Octavia provides a wide array of exterior colors (12) and interior (5), as well as fabric or leather upholstery.

Most used cars Skoda Octavia have the drive to the front axle, although you can find a version with 4x4. Their transmission is equipped with electronically controlled clutch Haldex, which is blocked when slippage front wheels, giving up to 50% of torque to the rear. Four-wheel drive of used cars Octavia is reliable. However, they argue that the service of such versions is more expensive than usual.

Suspension in used cars Skoda Octavia has a high energy capacity and is perfect for any road, but the smoothness of movement could be better - in the cabin one could hear the wheels cross the minor irregularities.

Used car dealer noticed that Skoda Octavia is perfect as an auto for all occasions.