In 1997 at the Geneva Motor Show second-generation Audi A6 was presented.

In 2001, the model was restyle, while in 2004 model was replaced by the next generation of Audi A6.

Audi A6 the second generation began in the category of used cars.

A big plus for all used cars Audi A6 is their galvanized body and hood and trunk lid. They are all made of aluminum. Features details of the winged metal are difficult to restore. You have to buy new ones.

And "stern" is not visible due to the high rear shelf edge. Rack is the largest among classmates - 550 liters.

In 2000 the Audi A6 version of the allroad quattro car was positioned as a touring terrain.

In severe operating conditions turbo engine in used cars Audi A6 has no different longevity. The main problem in used car is with hydraulic and turbine, so the choice of used cars Audi should fall on petrol versions. In motors 1.8 liter Turbo pipe turbines may be damaged, so it should be changed every 30 thousand km. In the V6 petrol engines are marked for leakage of oil from under the valve cover and the front crankshaft seal, as well as breakdowns of high wires. Sometimes the ignition coil breaks down.

Manual as assured used car dealer is the smoothest and durable. Unskilled installation of mechanical anti-blockers often causes damage to the mechanism of control "automatic» Tiptronic. Quattro all-wheel transmission is reliable and in-service problems did not deliver.

Therefore, used cars Audi A6 with all-wheel transmission are valued at the market of used cars.

Pendant power-consuming and multi-link front structure of used cars Audi A6 shows good stability and controllability. In used cars Audi A6 they improved the design, and now they are up to 80 thousand kilometers. Rear suspension and mono-and four-wheel drive versions, as a rule, can run about 100 thousand km.

Shops for used cars Audi A6 are of high quality finishes - all the details are carefully driven, with plastic materials, soft and pleasant to the touch, upholstery shows good durability. Noise is fine. All used cars Audi A6 are richly staffed: there is a climate control, electro, airbags, not to mention such familiar things as central locking, power steering and ABS.

Most of the time used car dealer finds used cars Audi A6 with one of three petrol engines (2,4 - and 2,8 - and 1,8-liter turbocharged unit). Many power units are equipped with variable valve timing systems, which are very demanding in quality and timeliness of oil replacement. In motors 1.8 liter Turbo has damaged pipe turbines, so it is recommended to change it every 30 thousand km.

Audi A6, the second generation is widely represented at the used cars market. Even second-hand copies of used cars Audi A6 may give the owners excellent driving performance, high comfort and quality of manufacturing. To fully enjoy the dignity of the used cars Audi A6, you have select quattro versions with the motors V6.